The Importance of Having a Routine

Life is seemingly becoming more and more stressful. Having a routine will leave less room for unnecessary stress. Stress is likely induced by not being on time, not being organized, or being forgetful. Here are the must-haves for planning a routine:

Back to School

It’s that time of year again; time to dig out your pens, pencils and notebooks from the back of your closet that haven’t been used in months. Going back to school has a certain air of excitement; you compare your schedule to your closest friends’, prepare for try-outs, and buy stylish 3-ring binders for your […]

Lacrosse Around the Globe

Although lacrosse is not in the Olympics, you can bet that it is a popular sport in multiple countries. Similar to other sports’ origins, lacrosse developed in one area and then radiated rapidly into areas all across the globe. Beginning with the Native Americans, the first lacrosse games were played much differently than we play […]