New Headgear Rule for Girls’ Lacrosse

This is a hot topic out in the Lacrosse community right now. On one hand, we have Florida officials mandating the flimsy foam headband for all girl lacrosse players, and on the other hand we have US Lacrosse representatives stating that Florida’s decision was irresponsible. The only thing that seems to be in agreement is that the girls hate it. The two-inch headband doesn’t seem to add any extra protection and gets in the way of their goggles.

The safety of the girls is the top priority here (or should be), and they are constantly being compared to the boys lacrosse game. Boys play by different rules which tend to have more aggressive play, leading to necessary helmet usage. Some are worried that if they mandate more protection for the girls then they too will start playing more aggressively.

So, as I am reading the argumentative articles on safety rules, a few things come to mind; What about the rest of the skull that is still exposed passed that two-inch foam headband? Why are some worried about the game turning more aggressive when the referee’s should be making appropriate foul calls? Why isn’t there fear of “too aggressive” in boy’s lacrosse games?

Since Florida rushed to make headgear mandatory for girls’ lacrosse games, everyone will have to eventually buy new equipment that is approved by US Lacrosse, which most likely won’t include the glorified bandana they currently wear.

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