New Women’s Lacrosse Rule: 90-second Shot Clock

In early summer NCAA announced that they would be implementing a 90-second shot clock to women’s lacrosse games. These changes would take effect in 2017 for Division I and 2018 for Division II and III.

This new shot clock rule will cut out any stalling and keep away tactics currently used. With minimal reasons to stop the clock, it will mostly run the whole game, leading to a faster paced game. Perhaps this will increase the spectatorship of women’s lacrosse. The typical American sports spectator enjoys a fast-paced, tournament-speed game. With less time to stall, this shot clock will encourage the woman to hustle up and down the field.

Some speculations state that the woman will need larger rosters in order to allow for more sub-ins in order to keep everyone well rested during the game. I think we’re underestimating the stamina and athleticism these women possess. With proper training, these women will be stronger and faster than the previous seasons and will create a new breed of woman lacrosse players. Only the best of the best will be able to keep up in this new fast-paced atmosphere and will result in exciting tournaments featuring teams with similar talent playing against one another.

I predict this change to be a great one; leading to bigger crowds at tournaments, larger ratings for televised events, and more athletic woman pushing the boundaries of what we previously expected a women lacrosse player to be.



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