Fun Lacrosse Games to Improve Your Skills

Here are 4 more exciting lacrosse related games you can do to improve your skills by yourself, with your Gladiator Lacrosse Goal/Rebounder, or with your friends.

Sharks and Minnows:

Choose one or two players to be the “sharks” and the rest will be “minnows”. The players designated as “sharks” line up on the midfield line and the “minnows” line up on the end line. When the game is signaled to start, all the “minnows” race across the field while cradling the ball in their sticks. Meanwhile, the “sharks” will try to check it out of your stick. The “minnows” must make it across to the opposite end line with their ball still in their stick. The last player to keep their ball in their stick without dropping it and can make it across the line wins.

Thunder Dome:

Everyone must get into a circle, which can be the Draw Circle or any self-made circle. The players inside the circle cannot “escape” and must have a ball in their stick. The coaches (or any players without a ball) will use their sticks to try and check the ball from the other player’s sticks. The last person still holding a ball wins.


Each player must grab a partner for this drill. One person extends their arm, with stick in hand, straight out to create a “bridge”. Then, place a ball on the ground directly under the “bridge”. The other player runs under the bridge to scoop the ground ball without touching the “bridge”. Each time the bridge gets lower and lower in order to challenge the player with ground balls. After the player has touched the “bridge”, the players switch positions.

Hungry Hippo:

Create two equal teams and designate an area for each team at the far ends of the field (the Goal spaces are a popular choice), this will be the “Hippo”. Then, throw all the balls onto the field. Each team must run to the pile of balls and pick up only one at a time and return them to their “Hippo” as fast as possible. The team with the most balls at the end wins.



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