Gladiator Lacrosse Official Backyard Lacrosse Goal

What to look for in a Backyard Lacrosse goal

When looking for a lacrosse goal for your backyard don’t look for a MLL regulation goal because those are expensive, heavy, and will kill your grass. A backyard goal should be simple yet regulation size. No need to break the bank for something that you will keep in your backyard and practice on here and there. A backyard goal should be inexpensive and easy.

The Gladiator Lacrosse goal is both inexpensive and easy to use. Normally lacrosse goals can be a bit of a pain to set up and move around because they weigh so much. The Gladiator Lacrosse Goal is unlike most goals because it uses snap pieces for easy construction and only weights 20 pounds, which allows the goal to be moved anywhere you like with ease, plus it will not kill the grass you set it on. Even though this goal is light weight, it is not flimsy. The goal is regulation size (72’ x 72’), the frames of the goal are constructed with 1.5” diameter all steel frames, 3mm braided polyester netting and lacing cord, angled base bar construction and reinforced seams to prevent ripping from multiple shots and high speed crank shots.

As we all know the point of lacrosse is to score more goals than the other team and that is easier said than done especially when you have limited time to practice shooting. Most lacrosse practices consist of working on fundamentals, learning defensive tactics, and drills to help with common game situations, thus leaving shooting practice to those who stick around and put in extra work. The Gladiator Backyard Lacrosse Goal gives any player the freedom to practice their shooting skills even after team practice is over. Along with ground balls, passing and catching, shooting is the next best skill an offensive player can have. Advance your game by becoming a sharp shooter with the Gladiator Lacrosse Backyard Goal.



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