Mom’s Guide on Surviving Lacrosse Tournaments

If you have a new travel lacrosse athlete in your family, there’s no secret that the words “We CAN”T… We have a tournament!” is often said in your home! At this point, lacrosse is starting to be a lifestyle for you, no longer a seasonal game your kids played after the holidays. Here are five tips to help you become a pro:

1. Be realistic with your schedule.
Before committing to a travel lacrosse team, be sure to understand expectations for both players and their parents. Find one that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Also, make time for FUN! There’s nothing worse than making a fun sport a chore for your family! Be sure to use your free time for bike rides, beach days, and activities that are not lacrosse related.

2) Get your wheels ready.
Be ready to live out of your car! Some families have it down…they set up RVs, AC tents…and some even impress with large screen TVs! If you have time to rest at your hotel…do it! Enjoy the pool and the team families! If you have long hours waiting at the fields, start thinking about activities and snacks for the day. Create playlists for your team to enjoy. Bring along some games that will also allow your player to rest and stay out of the heat. Be sure you know where the closest grocery store is…not only to replenish drinks & snacks…but to grab tons of popsicles to keep your team happy!

3) Keep COOL!
One of the challenges about playing outdoor tournaments is the HEAT! It’s not just hot for the players, but for parents sitting out in the sun all day as well. Remember to apply and re-apply sunscreen and to stay hydrated. Freeze water bottles overnight before a tournament day so that you have plenty of cold water on hand. Cooling towels in the ice coolers are a hit with the kids because they end up giving them a quick chill & laughter! Cold fruit is great after games because it full of juicy coldness that is not heavy on your athlete’s tummy!

4) Be prepared for lightning!
Have that one parent that is your known ‘parent meteorologist’. You know, the one with the weather app on his phone that knows exactly where every lightning strike happened… yes.. he’s a good resource!

5) Remember to have fun.
Remember that your child is playing a sport, it is supposed to be fun! Keep the intensity under control and compliment your child’s efforts and accomplishments in the game. Travel sports can and will be an incredible experience for your entire family!



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