Holiday Season is here—No excuse to slack!

Now that we are deep into the holiday season there are more breaks from school and work. Some people take this break to sit on the couch and binge on their favorite meals, but not you!

This is a great time to keep up on your skills and prepare for season. Becoming a phenomenal athlete takes dedication which means you have to be working while everyone else is resting. Take this time to keep up on your strength and drills. Check out this list of drills from US Lacrosse:

To avoid burning out too quickly, do other activities that are not lacrosse related. Get into some different sports like swimming, biking, hiking, tennis, basketball, etc. Cross training builds up different parts of the body and some of the movements from other sports transfer to lacrosse and give you an edge on the playing field.

Keep in touch with your friends/teammates over the breaks and keep each other accountable. If you can’t physically get together with a few buddies to exercise or do some drills, call or text them to see if they’re keeping on track.

Schedule in some rest time during your holiday breaks, but don’t forget that while you’re not practicing, someone else is out there perfecting their skills!



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