In Lacrosse Genetics Are No Excuse

I want you to picture your role model, be it in sports, music, business, education, etc. Now think about the attributes they must possess to be at the level they achieved. Do you find yourself saying that they are somewhat super-human, possibly genetically blessed? That you could never do what they do?

Based on a study from K. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist out of Florida State University, people believe that an expert performer must be endowed with different genetics than those of normal adults. Scientists now believe that expert-level performance can be achieved with expert-level practice.

The power of your brain is illimitable. You really can become anything you desire to be. Is it easy? Absolutely not. You have to make practice a part of your daily routine with the specific goal of improving performance. It is not always pleasant and may not produce an immediate reward.

If you want to attain an expert-level status you must have unparalleled motivation. Experts become experts because they didn’t give up when they were met with challenges. The saying, “If it was easy everyone would do it” holds true in this situation. One must persevere and stay focused on the goal.

Practice should be intentional and aimed to improve your skills. If you go to practice with an attitude or with only half-intention, you are impeding your goal of becoming an expert. You must have a certain understanding of what you are practicing and receive immediate feedback following your performance.

The road to becoming an expert is challenging and will push you to your mental and physical limits and will most likely take years.

Can you persevere and find the drive within yourself to excel to the top of your game??

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