Kids With These Four Traits Can Grow Up To Be Great Leaders

Stefun Darts is probably not on your kid’s list of idols alongside Justin Bieber or Kylie Jenner, but he should be. 24-year old Darts, who is a college student and Founder of the non-profit Caring Heart Youth, recently presented his grandparents with a check for $15,000 to pay off their mortgage and fund a Bahamas vacation. He wanted to repay them for the sacrifices they made to raise him.

For the last 6 years, instead of hanging out with friends, Darts worked multiple jobs and saved every penny to fulfil a promise he made to himself in second grade to take care of his grandparents when he became an adult.

What inspires a young adult to forsake the fun of adolescence in exchange for the opportunity to express gratitude? Where does someone like Stefun find the motivation, discipline, compassion, and drive to set and carry out this goal?

While Stefun’s devotion and generosity is profoundly moving, my research has taught me that the underlying traits he exhibits are not unique. On the contrary, the emerging generations of leaders possess specific traits that will equip them well in the 21st century, and provide great promise for us all.

If you are wondering if your child has what it takes to embark on a path of exemplary leadership, here are some clues to help you.

1: They are Socially Conscious/Committed to a Cause.
2: They Take Risks.
3. They Follow Their Passion.
4: They Develop Creative Solutions to Universal Problems.

Vision has always been a hallmark trait of a good leader, and the emerging generation is no exception. They look at the challenges that have impacted their lives, and they want to make a difference. They know how to leverage technology to promote their ideas, connect with customers, and even crowd-fund This generation is incredibly optimistic about their ability to make the world a better place.

Who to watch: 15-year old Rachel Zietz, founder of the million-dollar lacrosse equipment company, Gladiator Lacrosse. Rachel didn’t like the quality, cost, or selection of lacrosse equipment so she started her own company to make better equipment.

These are just a few young adults setting the world on fire.

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