10 Successful Kid Entrepreneurs Keeping Their Eyes on the Prize

The Varsity Athlete Who Needed Tougher Equipment Rachel Zietz | Age: 15 Founder: Gladiator Lacrosse Twitter: @GladiatorLaX If you can’t find the product you need, invent it. That’s what Rachel Zietz did. The result: Gladiator Lacrosse, the ambitious Boca Raton, Fla., teen’s premium line of durable lacrosse equipment. “It’s never too young to start,” she […]

The Boca Teen Behind Gladiator Lacrosse Is Getting Her Shot On ‘Shark Tank’

Only 2 percent of women-owned businesses break $1 million in revenue, so 15-year-old Rachel Zietz decided to make hers one of them. Fifteen-year-old entrepreneur Rachel Zietz spends late nights and early mornings on business video calls with her product factory in China. Sometimes she’ll squeeze in a nap on the bus ride to school in […]

Boca Raton Teenager Set to Appear on “Shark Tank”

Gladiator Lacrosse was founded in 2013 by then-13-year old seventh-grade entrepreneur and lacrosse player, Rachel Zietz. Like every player wishing to improve his or her game, Rachel’s coaches advised her to play “wall ball” and practice her shot as much as possible. However, the quality of the products she purchased for use in the backyard would […]

Kids With These Four Traits Can Grow Up To Be Great Leaders

Stefun Darts is probably not on your kid’s list of idols alongside Justin Bieber or Kylie Jenner, but he should be. 24-year old Darts, who is a college student and Founder of the non-profit Caring Heart Youth, recently presented his grandparents with a check for $15,000 to pay off their mortgage and fund a Bahamas […]

Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Business Plans To Local Investors

On April 6, 2016, the Boca Chamber’s Golden Bell Education Foundation’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) students will present their business plans before local investors at FAU Tech Runway. This event is from 4:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Eighteen middle and high school students representing 14 businesses and […]

Casey Powell Products Finally Here!

BIG NEWS!!! As it has been mentioned before, the partnership between Casey Powell and Gladiator Lacrosse has flourished immensely. All things considered, we are proud to announce that the new line of Casey Powell products have arrived! With much excitement from everyone surrounding this project, Gladiator Lacrosse is more than ecstatic to have Casey Powell […]

Gladiator Lacrosse, LLC Unveils The Casey Powell Signature Collection, Its Superior Product Line of Practice Equipment

The highly anticipated Casey Powell Product Line maintains the brand’s dedication to producing the highest quality performance practice equipment by combining professional-grade and premium materials. Gladiator Lacrosse and Casey Powell, currently a major league player for the Florida Launch, announce the successful release of their latest high-caliber product line: The Casey Powell Signature Collection. The […]

Teenage CEO of South Florida Company to Appear on ‘Shark Tank’

Teenage entrepreneur Rachel Zietz pitched her million-dollar company Gladiator Lacrosse to the millionaires and billionaires of “Shark Tank” nearly a year ago, and she will finally appear on the hit TV show May 13, the South Florida Business Journal has learned. Zietz’s pitch was filmed in June, but her family was recently notified that she […]

Gladiator Lacrosse, LLC Announces Casey Powell as its New Brand Ambassador

Gladiator Lacrosse™ is proud to announce that Casey Powell, accomplished lacrosse player, four-time All American and two-time National Player of the year, is now part of the brand’s family. Gladiator Lacrosse and Casey Powell, currently a major league player for the Florida Launch and one of the most decorated players ever to set foot on […]

Lacrosse Around the Globe

Although lacrosse is not in the Olympics, you can bet that it is a popular sport in multiple countries. Similar to other sports’ origins, lacrosse developed in one area and then radiated rapidly into areas all across the globe. Beginning with the Native Americans, the first lacrosse games were played much differently than we play […]