Teenage CEO of South Florida Company to Appear on ‘Shark Tank’

Teenage entrepreneur Rachel Zietz pitched her million-dollar company Gladiator Lacrosse to the millionaires and billionaires of “Shark Tank” nearly a year ago, and she will finally appear on the hit TV show May 13, the South Florida Business Journal has learned. Zietz’s pitch was filmed in June, but her family was recently notified that she […]

Gladiator Lacrosse, LLC Announces Casey Powell as its New Brand Ambassador

Gladiator Lacrosse™ is proud to announce that Casey Powell, accomplished lacrosse player, four-time All American and two-time National Player of the year, is now part of the brand’s family. Gladiator Lacrosse and Casey Powell, currently a major league player for the Florida Launch and one of the most decorated players ever to set foot on […]

New Women’s Lacrosse Rule: 90-second Shot Clock

In early summer NCAA announced that they would be implementing a 90-second shot clock to women’s lacrosse games. These changes would take effect in 2017 for Division I and 2018 for Division II and III.

Lacrosse Around the Globe

Although lacrosse is not in the Olympics, you can bet that it is a popular sport in multiple countries. Similar to other sports’ origins, lacrosse developed in one area and then radiated rapidly into areas all across the globe. Beginning with the Native Americans, the first lacrosse games were played much differently than we play […]

In Lacrosse Genetics Are No Excuse

I want you to picture your role model, be it in sports, music, business, education, etc. Now think about the attributes they must possess to be at the level they achieved. Do you find yourself saying that they are somewhat super-human, possibly genetically blessed? That you could never do what they do?

New Headgear Rule for Girls’ Lacrosse

This is a hot topic out in the Lacrosse community right now. On one hand, we have Florida officials mandating the flimsy foam headband for all girl lacrosse players, and on the other hand we have US Lacrosse representatives stating that Florida’s decision was irresponsible. The only thing that seems to be in agreement is […]

Gladiator Lacrosse CEO and Founder

Gladiator Lacrosse Founder, Rachel Zietz, Called a “Rising Star” Gladiator Lacrosse founder, Rachel Zietz, was among the other finalists for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Entrepreneur Award for young professionals. She astonished everyone and all the judges with her impressive background and accomplishments at such a young age. “I looked back to make […]