Fun Lacrosse Drills to Improve Your Game

Many people often wonder if there are lacrosse related drills and games they can play/practice to improve their basic lacrosse skills. I am happy to report a list of some of the most fun and successful drills you can do by yourself, with your Official Lacrosse Rebounder, or with friends, to take your game to the next level.

Musical Chairs: Lacrosse Version

This game is a ground ball drill. Grab a group of friends and a couple of lacrosse balls. Have everyone sit in a circle where each person can spread their arms out without touching one another. Then, in the middle of the circle, put enough balls for each player, minus one ball. For example, if there are 10 players, you would put 9 balls in the center. Signal a start either by a whistle or “go”. When the whistle blows, the players race to scoop a ground ball. One player will not be able to get one, so the players must battle it out and secure a ground ball. The player who does not get a ground ball is out. Each round, remove one more ground ball, until only one remains. The final round is won when a player gets the last remaining ground ball.

Lacrosse Mini Golf

Lacrosse Mini Golf targets a player’s passing and shooting skills. First, find an empty bucket or garbage can. Next, have the players stand relatively far away. Each player will have a chance to aim and try to get their ball into the bucket or garbage can. Each player gets one shot per round. If no one makes it in, everyone should take one step forward and repeat the round. First person to get their ball into the bucket/garbage can wins. The number of rounds can be determined by the players.

Lacrosse Egg Toss

Have each player choose a partner. For this drill, players will work on their throwing and catching skills. You can use a lacrosse ball, a water balloon, or even an egg. Choose accordingly. Have the players line up; one partner on one side, and the other partner standing a few feet across from them. Each player will throw the ball to their partner. If the partner catches the ball, they take a step back. If they miss, they sit down. The game continues with each pair moving farther apart until there is only one pair standing. The last pair standing wins.

Classic Monkey in the Middle

Have the players get into groups of 3 people. Within each group the players will take turns rotating positions. The will either be on the outsides or in the middle of the other players. The one in the middle tries to intercept passes, while the two on the outsides are throwing passes to one another. This drill simulates game play by getting interceptions, as well as making very precise, and clean passes.

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